Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Testing some new things

I've been reading a great book called "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. I think I am finally understanding Exposure. I still have a long way to go, but I feel a little more confident. Here are some of the pictures I took this afternoon.

Taken with 250mm lens - f/5.6 - 1/200 sec - ISO 100

I love this picture of grass. I overexposed it on purpose just because I love the light on it.
Taken with 154 mm lens - f/5.6 - 1/20 sec - ISO 100

This one is a little underexposed but I like the way it makes look like an antique photo.
Taken with 179mm lens - f/5.6 - 1/125 sec - ISO 100

This last two pictures show how changing the shutter speed a little bit can make a big difference. The first picture is very bright and nice and the second very underexposed.

Both pictures were taken with 214mm lens - f/5.6 - ISO 100
1st picture: 1/20 sec
2nd picture: 1/100 sec

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