Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Farrs

Finally, after so many times trying to do my own family pictures we found a day that worked out with our crazy schedules and everyone had got their hair cuts ;)
Kinda hard to be in the pictures when you are the photographer. Look for the remote on my hand, I gotta get better on this.
But the pictures are totally us. If you know my family you know that we are just like that - crazy. And my boys, all three of them, are my inspiration to start taking pictures and to keep doing it. They are natural and I promise I don't pose them. All I have to do is tell them: Boys, go play. :)
By the way, that kiss was totally real and I just "happen" to press the remote at the right time.

So here is my wonderful family.

The Burns Family

This is my second time working with this particular family. First time was a few weeks ago when mom wanted to surprise dad with some pictures of their kids and now I had the pleasure to photograph the family together. I am grateful to them for allowing me into their world to capture some very joyful images. They were so fun and almost all my favorite pictures of them has to do with with lots of laughing and loving.
Thank you Burns family for making my afternoon happier.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Jones Family

A couple weeks ago I met up with the Jones Family for a pretty amazing outdoor session. Gorgeous family + cool place + awesome weather = beautiful photos.
But the Jones are not just pretty on the outside. I have the privilege to have them as friends and I know I am better person because of Melissa. Ok Cory, you are nice too ;)
And aren't their kids just so adorable!!!!

Thanks guys, for trusting me with your memories. I love you all.