Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fingerprints of God

One of my all times favorite song is played by Steven Curtis Chapman and is call Fingerprints of God. The chorus goes like this: "I can see the fingerprints of God, When I look at you I can see the fingerprints of God, And I know it's true, You're a masterpiece, That all creation quietly applauds, And you're covered with the fingerprints of God".

I don't think many of you know but ever since I first heard this song, almost 11 years ago, I started looking at other people with a different perspective and almost like I could see them with God's eyes. Not just a body and a face but a very carefully designed and accomplished work of art.

When someone ask me to take their pictures, right before arriving to the location I always pray: "Dear Lord, help me to help this person to see herself and her family as your artwork. Someone so beautiful and perfectly made that you would chose to die for her". That is the desire of my heart. To use my work to show God's beauty and the power of His fingerprints. Here are some of my favorite pictures showing God's Glory in him amazing work.

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