Thursday, September 13, 2012

We have heart

When I decided to be a photographer, one of the desires of my heart was that I could use this gift that God gave me to bless people. Either by providing quality photography for people that can't afford it, by showing God's beauty beyond what we think of ourselves or by supporting people that has a cause.

That said, this photo shoot was to support an amazing cause very close to my heart.
I have told you guys the story of little Aaron and his heart surgery when I posted a few of his superman pictures a few months ago. Well, now his Wonder Woman mom is trying to make sure everyone knows about CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) and she asked me to take some pictures for their brochure.

Congenital Heart Defects is the #1 birth defect for children. They are looking for ways to bring awareness and raise funds for research for this disease.

You can read more about CHD and find out ways to help in their website

And here are some pictures with some of my favorite kids in Texas. Thank you moms and dads for allowing us to photograph your beautiful children for this special purpose.

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