Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Farrs

Finally, after so many times trying to do my own family pictures we found a day that worked out with our crazy schedules and everyone had got their hair cuts ;)
Kinda hard to be in the pictures when you are the photographer. Look for the remote on my hand, I gotta get better on this.
But the pictures are totally us. If you know my family you know that we are just like that - crazy. And my boys, all three of them, are my inspiration to start taking pictures and to keep doing it. They are natural and I promise I don't pose them. All I have to do is tell them: Boys, go play. :)
By the way, that kiss was totally real and I just "happen" to press the remote at the right time.

So here is my wonderful family.


  1. Claudinha, ficou lindo demais!
    AMEI o teu outfit! ;)
    Btw, onde tu comprou o remote? Eu tb quero um!

    Vocês estão todos lindos!

  2. Oi Mari, comprei o remote no :) Quando tu chegar aqui te dou as dicas.