Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Harlingen Life Style Photographer / T and C

I've been thinking about using this blog for more than just showing my clients pictures. I thought that it would be a good thing to show off my family too.
Having a photography business is amazing and I love to photograph all your beautiful faces and families. But because I am always so busy with other people's pictures I've been lacking on taking pictures of my own children. They are the reason I started it all and now I have neglected them. So, I decided to challenge myself and take at least one picture a week that shows a little of my boys lives. This is the first one of a series I will call "Story telling". 
So here is my first Story telling picture. 

Our family likes to go on "adventures" meaning we take a day to drive around trying to find something to do with two very active little boys. This day we were going to visit our house that we had just started to build. I let T borrow my old camera so he could capture the moment and C was feeling very grown up with his new sunglasses. We had a good time enjoying each other and exploring the world (our new neighborhood to be more exactly). My favorite detail in this picture are the stickers on T's window. They been there since he was a toddler. Yes, my car is that old ;)

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