Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Melody, Hannah, Ariel and Elijah

What a fun photo shoot with this four siblings. The wind wasn't helping and we had hair flying everywhere but they all had great attitude and went along with the crazy things I was asking them to do.
And they are so beautiful!!!!! And handsome :) I don't think I had one picture from all the bunch I shot that I had to delete because of one of them not looking good.
We still have to do the individual portraits but I love the group pictures!

The best part of the evening was my assistant for the day. My husband was helping me for the first time and he was great! You might even see his hand holding one of my frames in a picture :) Thanks babe.

By the way, thanks Uncle Craig for all the inspiration ;)


  1. They turned out so beautiful and sweet! I love them!!!!

  2. These are great pictures! The kids take awesome pictures!