Friday, September 6, 2013

Harlingen Family Photographer / The Farrs

No, it's not me and my boys! This is my husband's brother's family. I am so excited that they asked me to take their pictures. They are absolutely stunning!!!!
They just got back to the Valley (thank God!) and I couldn't be happier. Jenny is one of my BFFs and is so good to have her around again.
We had perfect weather for this beach shooting and the kids were so cute!
Some cool stuff about my sister-in-law, she is a photographer (really good one), a painter and she is soon releasing her first book! Talk about amazing! And as you can see in her pictures, she is also a model. Now, about my brother-in-law... he is the coolest guy ever (after my husband, of course), computer genius and board game king :)

Here it is Farr Family. I love you guys. I am so happy we are living closer again.

And here is my favorite! Photo Bomb!!!!

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