Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Harlingen Fashion Photographer / In High Cotton Fall collection part 2

Here I am again photographing for In High Cotton Clothing.

This time I would like to say something about the beautiful models they picked for me to photograph. They are normal people like me and you. And most of them have never model before. They are moms, students, workers, everyday real women. But oh they are so amazing! They have this beauty that comes from the inside and it combines so well with IHC style and it reflects on the gorgeous pictures you see. I love to watch the process from the first pose to the last, when their confidence has grown. And how they go from shy everyday real women to lovely stunning super models.

That's another reason why I love IHC. For giving these fabulous ladies the opportunity to have a day where they can feel as beautiful as they really are.

p.s: Special appearance by miss Broklynn. I just had to get a pictures of her. So adorable!

Thank you girls! I love working with you all.

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