Thursday, May 31, 2012

John and Aprillee

When I started taking pictures I told my friends I would never do a wedding. I so admire wedding photographers. But I think that taking pictures of a wedding is such a big responsibility that I would be afraid to mess up and I know that I wouldn't get a do over. But here is what happened. This very cute couple was getting married and for reasons of their own they didn't want a big party or celebration or lots of guests. And they didn't have a photographer. I couldn't change their minds about the party :) but at least I could take some pictures and save the memories of such an amazing time of their lives. John and Aprillee are adorable and I wish a whole life of happiness and blessings to them. Here are some of the pictures. By the way, the handsome pastor officiating the wedding is my husband. I am so proud of him.

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  1. You should no longer be afraid of taking wedding pics! You captured a lot of feeling in these, loved the individual ones of them listening and the one of them holding hands. The one of them praying made me cry! If you can invoke emotion like that by a picture, I think you are doing very well.