Wednesday, May 30, 2012


With such elegance She took to the stage Graceful Such control she displayed Classical style and dramatic design Her denial of gravity So divine Air turn, vertical jumps Cross leaps Exuberant display of foot-beats Perfection... Incarnated in dance Her loyal audience Entranced... While she The ballerina Danced~ This one session was so hard to pick the best pictures to put in here!!! Meghan is my best friend's daughter and as I was taking the pictures I couldn't stop thinking she is sooooo beautiful! Ok, I might even have shouted that once and scared some people around me :) But she is and she is so graceful! She takes dancing very seriously and even that she still have the innocence of a child she already have the pose of a prima ballerina. Sorry for the amount of pictures but I really had a hard time choosing. Here it is, one of my favorite little girls, Meghan.

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  1. So beautiful Claudia! I'm speechless as I look through these. I can't help but think what a gift you have given us!!! My very next thought is I'm glad M has a big brother and Daddy to keep any future boys away!! I love you, thank you:)